Futuristic Restaurants That You Should Visit

January 9, 2015

If you ever find yourself wanting to explore the boundaries of culinary innovation, you should consider going to some of these exciting restaurants to grab a bite to eat. In the past, innovation in the cooking world may have been a new convection oven, or maybe a deep fryer that conserves the use of oil. However, there are some places that really push the limit of both making a futuristic eating atmosphere as well as advanced methods of food preparation.

One aspect of futuristic restaurants is the innovations in service and how food is ordered and delivered. In Dubai, the Ebony Interactive Restaurant has embraced this approach. People visiting the venue can expect to be able to order off of menus that are displayed in the tables. Not only is ordering a simple hand-swipe away, visitors can watch their food being prepared on the screens. This feature is probably great for those who are especially interested in who is handling their meals and what goes into the preparation process. In addition to these features, patrons can change the color and pattern of their tablecloth with a simple click, and even order taxis.

Futuristic restaurants cannot be complete without robots. In a venue located in Harbin, China, guests are serviced by a fully robotic staff. These robots can converse in basic Chinese with patrons, guide guests to their table, take their orders, and bring their orders to them. These robotic staff members work through carefully designed motion sensors and are outfitted to display a wide range of facial expressions. The best robotic experience may be at the Robot Restaurant that is tucked away in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. There, guests are treated to more than just a meal, but a full on show. For example, patrons have the chance to watch robots engage in mock battles. At some of these battles, beautiful, bikini-clad women ride impressively large fembots and battle each other. The entire place is outfitted with colorful neon lights and outlandish decor.

You may not expect a McDonald’s to make it on the list, but here it is. While these fast food restaurants in the United States may appear to be almost identical, there are extreme variations abroad. For example, in Batumi, Georgia, this fast-food chain is situated in a beautiful indoor garden that has immaculately landscaped pools and greenery. Designed by a well-known architectural firm called Khmaladze Architects, the space is under a stylistic glass dome that houses the dining area, a gas station, and the gardens. While it’s unclear if it does happen, the lettuce on the hamburgers could easily come from the lush indoor garden.