Guide for Buying Your Next Baking Oven

January 9, 2015

As technology improves at the speed of light, there are so many different varieties and models of ovens on the market, so this begets the question: What kind of oven should I get to satisfy my baking needs?

The three golden rules for buying an oven:

1) Your needs

2) Variation

3) Budget

Knowing your needs:

How often do you bake should be the question on the top of your mind not just when buying an oven but for almost anything else. This will determine what kind of oven you need – double wall ovens / dual range ovens / single oven.


What kind of functionality do you want your oven to have? It can range from a simple oven that bakes decent cakes or one with fancy functions that can bake macaroons etc.


This might well be the most important of all three. How much are you willing to spend on the oven? How much can you afford for an oven? How much should you spend to justify the spending (determined by how often you use it)? A good tip is to wait for holiday seasons to roll around, that’s the period where shops usually have such appliances on sale and you will be able to get your oven at a discounted price. If you’re lucky, maybe half price!

There are basically two kinds of ovens – one being single or double-stacked ovens which are built into the wall or a freestanding oven.

Freestanding – gas oven:

Pros: Powered by the same gas that powers your stove

Cons: Inability to maintain a constant temperature and as a result your bake goods might be inconsistent


Pros: Relative more constant temperature as compared to gas ovens. Also simplicity in usage and cleaning. They are more widely available as well.

Dual fuel:

These ovens combine the good from the gas and the electric ovens.


Fans are used to ensure hot air is circulated in the oven. As a result, the food is more evenly cooked and there is greater consistency. This is the preferred oven amongst many bakers and it has received many raved reviews. Your baked goods will also be cooked much faster.


Multiple, adjustable racks / door lock / broil / window / light / hidden bake element / baking drawer / warming drawer / boiling drawer / dehydration / self-cleaning / touch screens / delayed start / infrared cooking.

Don’t get easily swayed by the sales personnel. It must be acknowledged that they know more about the products than you do but you will be the one using the oven. Be clear about what you are looking for and do your research on that product.