Ways To Do Decor Restaurant Tables And Outdoor Cafe Furniture In A Presentable Way

January 9, 2015

The taste of the food holds great value in a restaurant. It is one of the major reasons why someone would want to go back to the same place. But what really attracts the eyes of people is how it looks. The way your restaurant is organized is the first factor to be determined by a customer, especially for first comers. Show people how presentable your cafe is by learning different ways to decor your restaurant.

Make them feel comfortable. Arrange your restaurant in a way they can never resist. Attract the eyes of your costumer by your own creativity. Earn more and more profit everyday as they enjoy your service.

Know your season

Be aware of the different events coming. Christmas, Easter or Valentines are only a few events celebrated in the entire year. If your place values varieties of events like Olympics or the Super Bowl, decorate your outdoor furniture in a different way prior to this. It will help you gain more customers. At the same time, be sensitive to others. Do not oppose or side with any team, this will just destroy your image with other people. You may gain a lot of fans that day but you will lose lots of haters permanently.

Know your theme

The color, ambience and theme should co-exist with each other. Think of a theme that will help customers feel the spirit of different seasons/events.

Example: The color red for valentines with a slow soothing music as a background and a candlelight dinner theme. This makes the ambience sweeter and will help customers feel that love is in the air.

Hang different flags around for United Nations Day. This will very much in attract foreign costumers.

Know the basic table arrangement

Know the proper table arrangement. For owners or manager, this is a must. Hire a person who knows the job well. This presents a knowledgeable look and adds beauty to your cafe.

Follow these steps:

Cover your table with a dashing table cloth.
Put a stylish placemat under the plate.
The spoon and table knife should be on the right side of the plate, and the fork on the left. You can interchange utensils depending on how you want to present your table. This also depends if using different kinds of spoons like teaspoon or soup spoon.
A wine glass just at the upper right corner of the plate will do just fine for elegant occasions.
A neatly folded table napkin on top of the plate adds up to the elegance of the table. This gives a wine and dine experience for everyone.
Think Green

Plants are good relaxants. Surround yourself with luscious green plants. Choose patio furniture for outdoor tables and chairs. Match it up with a patio umbrella to shade costumers from the heat of the sun. The cool breeze and green plants surrounding costumers will make them untwine and feel fresh.


Your centerpiece always attracts the eyes of your costumers. Think very carefully on what you want to put at the center of every table. Use your theme to create a well-balanced cafe.

A red or white rose on a beautiful looking vase. A potted small plant for an outdoor centerpiece or a wine on a bucket, these are just few choices you have. This process will help boost your theme. Be careful not to put too big centerpiece. It will cram up the table and there would be less space for food which will make diners very uncomfortable.

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